Terms and Conditions

Notices by THE NAKED SACK, A division of Nipro Australia Pty Ltd may be updated from time to time by us, subject at our discretion – please be sure to sight these intermittently. THE NAKED SACK, under definition of the Copyright Act 1968 (Cwlth), subsists as a licenced lessee of Nipro Australia Pty Ltd. This website’s content, interface, graphics, code, data and supporting materials thereon acquired or created are protected by copyright under the laws of Australia and other countries. Legislation holds you may not modify, adapt, reproduce or sell our material without prior written consent by us.



This policy concerns THE NAKED SACK guidance with Social Media and sources of that relating to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube or other social networking and sharing sites in conjunction with publishing content with and about us to others in a concomitant manner.


Rules of Engagement

THE NAKED SACK welcomes employees, professionals, patients, other members and the wider public at all levels to engage in our online facilities and the like. We acknowledge the informative nature of such platforms pertained to our product knowledge.


1. When participating on our social platforms, with your own personal account or with others – trusting our audience and transparency, you should clearly identify yourself using your real name or when relevant, associative institution you are producing content on behalf of. No aliases or anonymity are to be used disclosing affiliation with, or being spoken on behalf of, THE NAKED SACK.


2. Mindful content and material is published in the public domain – each individual user remains responsible and accountable for their own opinions posted, writing in first person. Be aware any content you posit has a direct bearing upon the elicitation of other user’s response and opinion.


3. Do not post any organisation, internally used confidential information and respect privacy – this includes without limitation to vendor, security, financial or competitor information as well as other aforementioned proprietary data and information.


4. Do not post anything obscure, fraudulent, malevolently false, abusive, discriminating, misleading or of the defamatory nature – if you do sight on any of our platforms unlawful or potentially unethical conduct please escalate this event to our division centre specialists, moderators and online developers.


5. Be transparent, be truthful, be respectful but most importantly be yourself.



By clicking online submissions you agree any information provided to us is accurate and correct. Our organisation reserves the right, at sole discretion to terminate or suspend any promotion, entry, claim or order suspect to conduct being unfair, improper or misleading. Offers are valid to Australian residents only.