Welcome To The Naked Sack

The Naked Sack is a range of natural, non-denatured, supplements that work from the inside out. The way they should!



Excuse me but why are you naked?

We go naked because we have nothing to hide. We are a combination based range of flavour free proteins and supplements centered around gut health and weight management. Our team has sourced four products from around the globe designed to be the building blocks of your internal eco-system. Our organic proteins contain the full spectrum of amino acids that are available whilst our unique Fermented Probiotic Greens powder works in unity with these to increase absorption and strengthen the immune system.

Our Story

The Naked sack team was from born from a family of pharmaceutical professionals, so when it comes to supplements we know what we’re talking about.  Having come from this world we had access to all the best researchers and most superb scientists, with whom we worked very closely on a day to day basis. One of our Naked Sack team members suffered badly from IBS and found she reacted unfavourably to most protein powders, we endeavoured to find out why. In doing so we came across a widely unrecognised but simply solved issue that plagues many supplement users, lack of absorption. We had our research and development team look into this and found that an imbalance within the intestinal microbiome caused by toxicity vastly decreased your body’s ability to absorb nutrients, vitamins or proteins. We consume this toxicity incidentally which accumulates to form a wall that effectively stops absorption. Our early studies show that good bacteria within the gut will improve bioavailability of nutrients and consequently balance your digestion! And so our range of powdered supplements were born, to provide a combination tailored for you, by you that creates a harmonious internal environment ready for maximum absorption.

Why are we different?

We come from a background of pharmaceuticals, so we aren’t strangers to the world of supplements. We have access to top researchers and health advisers and we worked collaboratively with them on this new range of protein supplements. During this process we found that a lot of vitamins or supplements aren’t absorbed efficiently due to an unhealthy gut, or build-up of toxins. Our team at The Naked Sack understand this and have come up with a ‘build your own’ range of supplement powders, the first of its kind. After extensive research we found that unless your tummy is happy, filled with good bacteria and functioning with balance and harmony, you’re not going to be able to extract all those beneficial nutrients from our protein supplements. By using our fermented greens powder as your base to build upon, you’re actively creating an optimum environment in your gut for nutrient absorption. All of our products work cohesively with one another to enhance digestive balance; encourage healthy gut flora and increase the population of tummy-friendly bacteria. With The Naked Sack products you simply choose your protein and pair it with our fermented greens to get started!

Be your own alchemist

Be your own alchemist; build your own ideal internal balance.